Thank You for Coming to Our Super Soft Opening!

Thank You for Coming to Our Super Soft Opening!

Published by Tim Stotz on Apr 29th 2022

Part of the team at our Super Soft Opening

Photo by Kevin Haas. L-R Belle, Tim, and Jeff

On 4-20, we rushed to be ready for our Super Soft Opening Party. In other words, we’re ready…but there are plenty of details to work out. For instance we have a banner, but not a sign. Those are ordered and on the way though!

We want to thank you for the amazing turnout, and warm reception.

It meant a lot to our team that you came out, on a school night, no less, and checked us out. We were so happy to educate and answer you questions, not to mention, just catch up.

For those who shopped with us, please let us know how you liked the experience, and how you liked your purchases.

Also, a special thanks to Kevin Haas of the Rock River Current for writing up an article about our Super Soft Opening. And, boy did he fly. He interviewed our team about 11:00 am and had an article by mid afternoon. You can go here to read it, but check the site out for all kinds of other great articles. 

Many thanks to the local artists who are hanging in our little gallery up front. Laura Gomel, Danielle Doetsch, Arin Whitmore, and a few more to come. Please come see our work, and don’t forget: all work is for sale, and we take none of the artists’ commission.

Ok, now that that is all done, our team is all gas, no brakes at getting the rest of the store ready. Finishing touches inside, and new recipes and products to try soon.

Please check out our social, our site, and now our retail brick and mortar.